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Successful launch of Biological Imaging Class!

Posted on June 3, 2017

This spring Mary, Jon Mulholland, Andrew Olson, and Michael Zhao developed and taught CSB222: Biological Light Microscopy, a 6-week intensive laboratory and discussion class geared to give participants the theoretical and practical knowledge to utilize emerging imaging technologies based on light microscopy. Topics included microscope optics, resolution limits, Köhler illumination, confocal microscopy, fluorescence, two-photon, TIRF, FRET, photobleaching, super-resolution (SIM, STED, STORM/PALM), and live-cell imaging. Students enjoyed plenty of hands-on time using the very nice, high-end microscope systems in the Stanford core facilities. We received very positive reviews on our class from the students who took it this spring, and as a result, we will be teaching the class again this fall. Please see the syllabus for more information: Microscopy_syllabus_Fall2017.