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Signaling Control Principles Of Cell-fate Decisions

Lab News

PLOS Biology

As of June 2019, Mary has joined the editorial board of PLOS Biology. Am looking forward to working with this exciting journal!

Lab travels

Stefan and Atefeh will be attending the FASEB meeting on “The Regulation of Glucose Metabolism” in Palm Spring, CA from June 16-21, 2019. Stefan will be giving a talk on his work showing that circadian glucocorticoid oscillations are required to maintain functional brown adipose tissue and what the underlying molecular mechanisms are. Atefeh will be presenting her work in which she is using quantitative single-cell fluorescence microscopy approaches to understand how CEBPB, a key adipogenic transcription factor, has divergent regulation of adipogenesis and insulin sensitivity depending on the timing and order of when it is expressed and offers a potential control mechanism for reverting insulin resistance under inflammatory conditions. Mary will be speaking the same week at the Gordon Research Conference on Developmental Biology in Mount Holyoke, MA.

Cold Spring Harbor Meeting on Network Biology

Kyle presented a poster and Mary gave a talk at the CHSL meeting on Network Biology in Cold Spring Harbor, NY in March 2019. Was a really interesting meeting and a very nice format for scientific interaction. Kyle presented on his project to use CRISPR-based screening and large-scale network analysis to identify therapeutic targets and small molecule combinations to restore insulin sensitivity in adipose tissue.

Circadian Biology Meeting

Joydeb and Mary attended the 9th Annual Center for Circadian Biology Symposium hosted by the Center for Circadian Biology in San Diego, CA in February 2019. Joydeb presented a poster on his research in which he is using live-cell imaging to show and understand how the cell-intrinsic circadian clock gates adipogenesis.

Keystone Obesity and Adipose Tissue Biology

Ewa and Atefeh presented posters at the Keystone Obesity and Adipose Tissue Biology meeting in Banff, Canada in February 2019. Reports were that it was a good meeting, although very, very cold!!

Great science and skiing

Ewa and Michael presented posters and Mary gave a talk at the Keystone Symposium on Signal Dynamics and Signal Integration in Keystone, Colorado at the end of January. It was a great meeting for the science and was especially interesting because it was a joint meeting with Keystone Symposium on Cellular Plasticity, another area of interest in the lab. The snow conditions were awesome. Here is a photo of Michael about to plunge off the top of Arapahoe Basin.

Congratulations, Ewa!

Congratulations, Ewa, on being awarded a 2-year American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Congratulations, Zahra and Michael!

Zahra accepts the inaugural Diabetes Knowledge Award (DKA) awarded by the Stanford Diabetes Research Center for the most impactful, original diabetes-related publication from Stanford in 2017-2018